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Ways to Quit Smoking Permanently - 8 Top Tips to Success

If you have decided to kick the habit, then congratulations on your decision, it is a life changing choice and one that will reap many benefits. There are many ways to quit smoking, here we present 8 top tips to help you stop for good.

Tip #1 Have a compelling reason to quit. You need to have a great reason to quit, otherwise it will be very tough during those tempting moments to stay on track. Also ensure it is your own decision and not someone elses.

Tip #2 Reward yourself. As you progress with your stop smoking plan, you should give yourself small rewards for staying on track, this is important to help keep you motivated.

Tip #3 Have a plan. This is very important and it will give you something to focus on and a structure to follow. It can be very tough if you have no plan in place especially during the tougher times.

Tip #4 Get to the cause. People often smoke for a particular reason. If you can identify what it is then address it. For example, you may notice that you smoke when you are bored. In this case you need to find something to fill that time in.

Tip #5 Get a support structure. If you have decided to quit smoking, then let everyone in your social circle know. Having your friends and family on your side is extremely important.

Tip #6 Have a buddy. If you have other friends who are looking to quit smoking, then it is a great strategy to quit together. You have someone who will understand what you are going through and also be able to support each other.

Tip #7 Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep. The job of quitting smoking [] is quite difficult. If you are not getting the rest you need, you are much more likely to be cranky, upset and angry with the world. This is very counterproductive to your goal of quitting smoking for good.

Tip #8 Have the goal of stopping permanently. If you decide on stopping, then do it properly, rather than just stopping for a month or so.

As you can see there are many ways to quit smoking [], follow our tips and you will do great.

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