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Top 5 Books About Presbyterianism

Popular books about Presbyterianism, Presbyterian literature, and resources on the Presbyterian faith have been arranged in this top 5 list of books about Presbyterianism.

1. Presbyterian Creeds: A Guide to the Book of Confessions

Author Jack Rogers provides this guide for clergy, lay people and students, examining the creeds, confessions and declarations of the Book of Confessions. He also looks at their purpose in history and their relevance today in the community of faith.
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2. Presbyterians: Their History & Beliefs

Author Walter Lingle has produced a widely popular summary of the key events and doctrines of the Presbyterian Church appealing to both students and lay people.
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3. Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers: Exploring Christian Faith

Author Donald McKim provides concise answers to common questions about Presbyterian theology. Many of the questions and answers are basic to any Christian faith.
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4. This We Believe: Eight Truths Presbyterians Affirm

Author Stephen Plunkett introduces Christianity from the Reformed and Presbyterian perspective. He looks from a broad view of the Bible story in an effort to help people understand what it means to be a Christian in today's world of contradictory ideologies. He lays out eight basic, thought-challenging beliefs of the Christian faith.
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5. To Be a Presbyterian (Revised Edition)

Drawing from his experience as a missionary, pastor and teacher, author Louis Weeks presents a clear and compact introduction to what it means to be a Presbyterian. A very informative guide to the life, history, tradition, and beliefs of the Presbyterian faith with real-life illustrations.
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