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Florida Traffic Citation Rights


    • Most traffic violations in Florida involve having points put on your license, according to the Florida DMV website. Citations are given for a variety of infractions including speeding, driving under the influence, causing an accident and child restraint violations.


    • After receiving a traffic citation in Florida, you typically have the right to choose among three options, according to the Florida DMV website. You are able to plead guilty to the charge, pay the fine and have the points placed on your license. You are also able to plead not guilty and contest the citation in court. The third option involves taking a state-approved driving course and allows you to avoid having points put on your license.


    • According to the Florida DMV website, once points have been placed on a license, they can not be removed. If you do not want points on your license, you must choose to take a driver's education course when paying your fine. The Florida DMV also notes that if you choose to fight a citation, additional fees and penalties may be added to the original citation if you are found guilty.

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