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Treatment For Autism That Isn"t Medication

What happened in the four years before 2009 that created a 57% increase in children diagnosed with Autism? The 2009 study by the Centers for Disease Control reported that this increase shows that more children are diagnosed with this disorder than cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined! Now that someone you know has been diagnosed with Autism, you may be wondering what can be done about that.
We may never know what has transpired to create this epidemic, but there are real interventions that can restore the life of the child.
First, we should look at certain issues in normal development.
In the third week of the developing embryo, the nerve system is the first identifiable body system to develop.
Before the circulatory system begins its pulsing at the end of the third week, the nerve system has already begun its rhythmic pulse.
As the nerve system develops from the head to the tail, all other parts of the body develop along their normal intervals.
This is an important point to dwell on, because when the nerve system integrity is impaired, normal development ceases.
As the bony structures surrounding and protecting the brain and spinal cord develop, they begin to also represent a potential cause of injury.
during the birth process or in the often violent experience of toddler-hood, the relations between these bones can become disturbed.
In particular, the atlanto-occipital joint, where the head and neck meet, is extremely vulnerable to misalignment.
The atlas, the first bone in the neck, can slip sideways or rotate under the skull.
This puts pressure on the spinal cord and alters the nerve traffic and the blood flow in and out of the brain.
Preliminary research shows that this misalignment causes restricted blood flow in the brain and even altered magnetic polarity of the brain.
Once this neurologic insult is present, children may display certain problems in development; slow to crawl, abnormal crawling patterns, slow to walk, talk or interact with others.
Unstable moods, withdrawal from activity, and difficult behavior can all be a sign that the spinal cord is pinched and irritated.
Instead of drugs to dampen extremes of behavior, there are more fundamental approaches to correcting the problem.
The Upper Cervical Chiropractor investigates the signs of this specific type of neurologic insult.
Even with children, the short leg phenomenon will reveal the presence of what is termed the atlas subluxation complex.
With infants, the short leg may be difficult to asses, but there are other means using thermal scans or looking at dural tension patterns of the spine.
Once the Upper Cervical Doctor has determined that this problem exists, specific x-rays are taken of the head/neck junction to determine the direction and size of the misalignment.
With children younger than three years of age, or with older children with serious behavioral disorders, this can be very challenging.
Moving quickly is very important.
Helping the child have a positive experience with the x-ray process is extremely important.
Usually, a parent is enlisted to help support the child in the right position.
With filters and refined radiographic equipment, radiation exposure is reduced by over 80%.
Once accurate radiographs are obtained, the misalignment can be understood and reduced by the doctor.
Many times with children, results are immediate.
Parents report the child sleeping through the night for the first time.
After an initial healing period, therapists and parents alike report that normal development signs are now displayed.
A common statement by parents is, "The difference in my child is like night and day!" Sometimes, when the case is not true autism but a condition with other complexities, a parent might report, "He is easier to handle at least!" In summary, since the nerve system is the one system that controls and coordinates all the functions of the body, it is essential to be able to accurately evaluate how well it is running.
The Upper Cervical Chiropractor is the practitioner who is best able to spot and interpret the signs of an impaired nerve system.
For the parent of the Autistic child, this represents a beacon of hope for a very serious and growing problem.

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