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How to Make Civil War Dolls

    • 1). Measure and cut out a 2-by-6-by-12-inch piece of high-density urethane foam. Trace the outline of a full body onto the piece. Trim the foam to the shape of the body.

    • 2). Place the foam atop a piece of cardboard. Trace the outline of the body. Cut out the cardboard body shape. Repeat for a second piece of cardboard.

    • 3). Cut out a 2-by-2-inch section piece along the left or right edge of the midsection foam. Avoid cutting any appendages. Cut off one inch of the square. Cutting off one square inch will ultimately create a small cavity in the body in which you can hide things. Keep one of the one inch squares handy to reposition into the body at a later point in the process.

    • 4). Bond the foam body between the two cardboard bodies with permanent epoxy.

    • 5). Combine the water and flour into the pot to make the papier-mache mix. Boil the mix for three minutes. Allow the mix to cool for five minutes. Pour the mix into a bowl.

    • 6). Soak one newspaper strip in the mix. Press the strip onto the body. Continue until the entire body and the one-inch square piece you kept is covered in newspaper-papier-mache. Repeat for the white paper towel strips. Allow four hours for the craft to dry.

    • 7). Paint the doll with acrylic paint. Paint facial and body features onto the doll. Paint the one-inch square the same color as the rest of the body. Allow two hours for the craft to dry.

    • 8). Glue strands of yarn on top of the head for hair. Push the one-inch square back into the body so the exposed side is flush with the rest of the body.

    • 9). Fold the 8-by-24-inch fabric cloth in half. You should now have a 8-by-12-inch double-sided cloth. Stitch 6 inches up the left and right edge of the folded fabric with a needle and thread. The fabric now has two 6-inch openings remaining on each side for which the arms will fit through in later steps. Trace a 2-by-6-inch half circle at the folded edge of the fabric. Cut along the traced outline. Open up the fabric to see a hole at center. You have now created a nightgown for the doll.

    • 10

      Hem flat edges of the fabric -- and the inner ring of the circle -- 1/2-inch removed from the outer edge to prevent fraying. Slide the head of the doll through the hole in the fabric.

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