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Solar Hot Water System: Solvelox

SolVelox/SuperVox introduction

For customers in search of a complete solar hot water system, Bubbling Springs Solar has three water pump options that are more efficient than alternative methods of water circulation and delivery. When obtaining Bubbling Springs Solar high-quality collectors, customers are invited to inspect its options for solar hot water pumps as well. For a small to medium-sized system, from 1 collector to 12 collectors, the SolVelox water pump comes in two different sizes. For the largest jobs, though, the SuperVox solar hot water pump shines over any other options.

The Residential SolVelox

The smallest SolVelox pump Bubbling Springs Solar provides is a 50-pound solar hot water pump that can provide efficient fluid circulation for as many as 6 solar collectors. It can either be used with Glycol or Drainback solar hot water systems and is most popular amongst homeowners, though used for lighter commercial jobs too.

The Commercial SolVelox

The medium hot water pump, a 75-pound SolVelox geared toward commercial use, supports no more than 12 collectors and no less than 7. Like the smaller residential model SolVelox, the commercial SolVelox is compatible with either Glycol or Drainback solar thermal systems. The commercial SolVeloxs capacity, though, is simply built for more fluid movement than that of the residential SolVelox. In addition, though most households will not require the use of this size SolVelox, when the occasion does arise, Bubbling Springs Solar is always available to deliver its high-quality products as needed.

The SuperVox

For customers in search of a solar water heaterpump that can handle the largest collector areas possible, the SuperVox is known for standing up to its name in high-quantity solar hot water circulation. The SuperVox is designed to circulate solar heated water through 1000, 2000, or 3000 square-feet of solar collectors, or through 25, 50, or 75 of the largest solar collectors Bubbling Springs Solar has to offer.

The Overview on SolVelox/SuperVox

Whether a customer desires the small or medium SolVelox, or the heavy-duty SuperVox, Bubbling Springs Solar stands ready each day to provide all solar hot water heating and transfer needs necessary for an enjoyable, bright-sided experience with solar heated water.

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