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Brazil in April

Children in Brazil start the school year in late February or early March and by April the greatest summer surge of tourists is over, which makes for fewer crowds in the most popular destinations during most of the month.

However, two April holidays see thousands of travelers back on the road. Expect full national flights and hotels, most of which work with several-day packages for the holidays.
April Weather
April is not of the drier months in Brazil.

For that reason, it is a great month to visit Iguassu Falls, usually still at great volume after the heavy summer rains.

Partly cloudy skies, bright sunny days, temperatures in the high 90s, strong rains and the first signs of cooling weather are all possible in April, calling for smart packing. The more regions you cover during your trip, the more versatile your clothing choices will have to be.

April Holidays

Work and School Holidays:

April 19 (National Indian Day) and April 22 (Discovery of Brazil Day) are not off days.
April Events

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