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The Three-Step Process to Choosing Which Model of a Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike

Before you get to the point where you are choosing a specific model of bike, there are two other steps you need to go through.
The first step is often the one where you are deciding to use home equipment instead of using it at the gym.
Some people want one at home in addition to their gym workouts.
The second step is researching different kinds and brand names of exercise equipment.
Once you have done that and chose the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike, then and only then should you be deciding which model matches your budget and exercise goals.
This third step, choosing a model that fits your budget, can trip you up if you are not careful.
In your research you might have started to get excited about the benefits a recumbent bike can bring to you.
May-be you have a sore back, may-be early stages or arthritis make using other machines too hard, so the ergonomic design is the real pull for you.
The idea of sitting back, getting a good aerobic workout while watching television or reading a book is truly enticing.
For what ever the reason is, the literature and websites and reviews you read intrigued you and you decided to buy.
The problem is often those articles show you the benefits of the top of the line model, and those sometimes are not the ones everyday home exercisers can afford.
To counteract this, figure out your budget and only look at the models you can afford.
The Schwinn Active Series 20 Recumbent Bike and the 220 model are probably the most affordable entry level products.
The higher end Schwinn 230/231 Recumbent Exercise Bike and the newest 240 model are still worth looking at, as the main difference is in number of levels and amenities like cup holders, reading racks LCD display options.
Finally, you comparison shop.
Use auction sites or online stores to find used or discontinued models that may still be new or in hardly used condition.
These are often sold with discounts.
Check for free shipping offers.
Find a local store and try one out.
Sometimes if you walk into a store with a copy of a discounted online price they will match it.
Whatever you do, stay within your budget.
If you cannot afford the higher end models, it is fine, you will get a perfectly good workout with one of the others.
It will be satisfying to complete the process that started with the decision to use exercise equipment at home, to researching the brands and types of machines to finally deciding to buy the Schwinn recumbent exercise bike and then choosing the model that best fits your budget.

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