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Fishing On a Budget

I, like most of you, love to spend my spare time fishing.
But nowadays with gas prices high and the economy low, it seems our passion is in danger.
This doesn't have to be the case however; as we can easily keep our lines in the water on a budget.
Step #1 - Scale back where you fish I am used to an annual week trip to Michigan for smallmouth bass, as well as about a 3 day adventure at AEP (formally Ohio Powers) for some largemouth action.
What we all need to remember is that no matter where you live, there are some great creeks, rivers, and lakes close by.
These local haunts can be just as rewarding, as they can be fished more often.
The only drawback is that sometimes our local fishing holes can be heavily pressured.
But this only challenges us to be more creative and out fish the next guy.
Step #2 - Keep your fishing gear simple.
If you're like me you love new fishing gear.
I love to try out the latest in lures, roods, and reels.
But basically we can all get by with a quality reel and rod; along with a handful of our "go to" baits.
Some of my favorite baits are tubes and grubs which can be had in a wide assortment at very reasonable prices.
In my opinion the one place not to go the cheapest is when choosing your fishing line.
A good line not only decreasing frustration with less knotting and better cast; but also can save you in hooks and lures when the line strength is at its maximum.
Step #3 - Fish in groups (family and friends) Fishing trips in groups can be a big money saver.
Everything from cabin rental to food and fuel cost can be divided among several people.
And not only is the cost reduced, the enjoyment can be ten fold as what better way to share your fishing adventure with nightly fishing stories around the campfire.
The bottom line is even in these economically stressful times never let it keep you away from the pastime you love.
See you on the water.

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