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How To Get From Lisbon Airport to Cascais

Traveling to the lovely sea side resort of Cascais in Portugal wondering how to get there from the Lisbon Airport? Their are a few options for getting from the Lisbon Airport to the resort city of Cascais.
The most convenient, is taking a taxi, which will run you about 45-50 euro.
Most Hotels in Cascais and neighboring Estoril resorts have "meet and greet" services which can be arranged with your hotel prior to arrival.
However this is usually the costliest option and can run more than a taxi fee.
If you are on a tight budget or would just like to try the option all the locals use, then read on, as I will describe how to reach Cascais for under 7 euro per person! 1.
Once you collect your bags at the Lisbon Airport, head towards the exit near the Tourist Information Desk in the Arrivals Terminal.
Go outside and directly adjacent to the taxi landing is the Aero Bus Stop.
Aero Bus has three bus routes to various destinations in the city of Lisbon.
Their are usually other passengers waiting for busses and the stop is brightly colored in blue/green and pink.
The bus you want to take is the Blue Line City Center, Bus number 1.
Take the bus to the last stop Cais Do Sodre, which is the main train station.
The bus runs every 20minutes from 7h00 - 23h00 and costs 3.
50 euro.
The length of time it takes from the Airport to the Train Station on the bus, completely depends on the amount of traffic you will encounter.
I arrived late in the evening so it was a fast ride and took about 25 minutes to reach the train station.
The Main train station has purchase windows with attendants to purchase your tickets to Cascais.
However if you arrive in the evening, you will need to purchase your tickets from the automatic machines.
The machines offer multiple languages to assist you in your purchase.
A ticket to Cascais is about 3 euro.
The trains leave every 30minutes, the last train leaving at 12am.
The train takes about 40 minutes One Tip is to make sure to ask your hotel exactly what part of the resort they are in.
Is it Cascais, Monte Estoril or Estoril? These are the last three stops on the train, about 5 minutes apart, and are all considered "Cascais".
You could even ask your hotel which train stop is closest to them.
Once you arrive their are plenty of Taxis waiting outside the train station exits to take you to your hotel.
But being that this is a sea side resort, most hotels are not far from the train stations, which is seaside as well, offering splendid views on your ride in.

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