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KPO Services: What Are They, How They are Different From BPO Services and Many More...

KPO services: Definition

KPO is the abbreviation of Knowledge Process Outsourcing and it involves the outsourcing of the stuff that are knowledge intensive process of a business house to some other geographic location(s) different from the place where the business house is located.

KPO and BPO services are different. If you do not have any idea about how they are different from each other, then going through this article will help you a lot to understand the difference.

Though Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing sound similar and have many things in common, there are few basic differences between them. Here we go...

The latter one, that is BPO concentrates on labor and needs lower level of experience as compared to KPO. However, the former one, that is KPO there is the requirement of in-depth knowledge about a particular area or topic. The latter one is process based, whereas the former is knowledge based.

Some of the benefits of these outsourcing business process are given below. Let us check them out:

They are affordable
They offer better quality
Quick access to skilled and trained resource pool

Considering the benefits of outsourcing business process, more and more companies are looking forward to it. Some of the most common projects that are outsourced are given below:

Website designing
Website applications
Business and market research
Business and market analysis
Data management
Financial services
Legal services
Content development
Remote education

One of the biggest segment out of the things mentioned below is data search management and integration that hold near about 29 % of the total revenue of the KPO sector. And some of the closest segments are biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, then comes engineering and designing, education, animation and publishing.

Making use of KPO services will help your company to grow more and more powerful day by day. One of the main reasons why people outsource some of their works is saving time. The time they save can be utilized for any other important work. This will increase the efficiency of your company as well.

There are a number of companies offering KPO services. So, you will find it difficult to find one for outsourcing, but then you need to be quite careful when selecting a company. This is because, out of all these companies operating, all of them will make claim to be the best and all of them may not live up to their promises. So, search carefully and find the best option for your company.

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