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6 Marketing Tips You Should Know For Effective Trade Show Displays

As with any new product launch or other company initiative, successful trade show displays require an effective marketing campaign.
Here are 6 tips you'll wish you had known before you started in trade show marketing.
If you don't know your customers, you'll never understand them.
Marketing starts with solving the customers' needs; so find out what, exactly, those needs are (and which are the most important).
Find out how they look for products, whom they trust for ideas, and what they can't get today that they wish they could.
When dealing with a B2B customer, you should know their job title, and the size and industry of their company.
In learning how your customers think and feel, you will also learn what your customers value most about your product or service.
Forget about "push" marketing...
the customer is in control.
Thanks to the speed of information on the internet, with just a few clicks, you are only one of several choices.
And with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can lose a customer forever.
Anything that you do to get attention in those first moments must add value in terms of what matters to them.
Prospects will consider you less intrusive when you show them how to solve their problems.
Trade show booths work in much the same way.
With only a few moments of face to face interaction, it is crucial to provide information to the customer to help them see the value in your product.
Don't just measure ROI...
continue improving it! Almost any marketing campaign can be measured for its impact, from the color of an envelope in direct mail campaigns to the change in brand awareness of trade show displays, and even the headline on a landing page.
Marketing budgets are continually shifting more to methods that can be measured for results, so you can aim for marketing that is as profitable as it is effective.
Work closely with Sales! Unfortunately, there is sometimes a divide between Sales and Marketing, and that's truly a lost opportunity because top sales people know so much that can help you become a better marketer.
They know which questions to ask prospects at your trade show booths first and they have an understanding of your clients' demographics, language, key desired benefits, and budget ranges.
They also know who your top competitive threats are, and why they are growing.
Sales is not your enemy, they are your ally.
Never stop learning! While some things in marketing are eternal, many things will change over time with the economy, technology, demographics, media, and cultural changes.
There are many ways to continue your education: a.
Get a subscription to several relevant magazines.
Routinely visit top industry websites and blogs.
Join as many associations as you can handle, and attend trade show displays in your industry and any other events that are specific to your area of expertise.
If you want to go somewhere, market your marketing! It has never been harder to maintain a successful career in marketing! Remember that the consumer is always in control, you are going up against smart competitors (who are always improving their marketing through testing and measurement) and consumer expectations are higher than ever.
When you succeed against the odds, be sure to document and share your success, using metrics that matter most to management.

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