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How to Import iPhoto 9 Into Lightroom

    • 1). Launch the Adobe Lightroom application on your Macintosh computer. Click "Import" in the bottom-left corner of the application's screen.

    • 2). Click "From" in the Import window and select the iPhoto folder in the pop-up window to choose the picture folder for the Lightroom import.

    • 3). Click "Move" to remove photos from the iPhoto library, or click "Add" to copy the folder's images to the Lightroom application.

    • 4). Click "To" in the Import window and click "My Catalog," which is the Lightroom folder. Click "Keyword" in the Import window to add special tags to all of the images.

    • 5). Click "Import" in the bottom-right corner of the window to transfer the images from iPhoto to Lightroom.

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