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Remedies For Yeast Infection Itching

One of the most common and complained about symptoms one experiences when they have a yeast infection is the itching.
When the candid fungus growth in the body increases and gets beyond the normal levels it can cause this irritating itch.
While the majority of the time most yeast infections occur in women in the vaginal area they can also occur in men and on various parts of the body.
Here are some remedies to try to help relieve the itching.
For women one way to avoid yeast infections is to wear loose fitting underwear.
Try to pick out plain cotton underwear and be sure to change them often.
Tighter underwear and garments can cause irritation and bring about infection.
If you have to wear pantyhose try to avoid wearing them every day and instead alternate days you wear them.
Both men and women should avoid wearing clothing that is too tight.
Tight pants and blue jeans will only cause extra irritation and itching when one has a yeast infection.
Yogurt is an excellent remedy for helping an infection whether you are a man or a woman.
You can try the simple process of putting some yogurt in your diet or for those who are dealing with more severe cases men can apply a small amount of plain yogurt to the area that is effected.
For women they can try dipping a tampon in yogurt and inserting it.
Be sure not to leave the tampon in for a long period of time and try changing it often to get the best results.
Tea tree oil is another excellent home remedy for helping to relieve the infection itching.
Tea tree oil can be applied to the affected area.
You will want to apply a few drops and see how it helps with the itching.
Women can also try putting some tea tree oil on a tampon and inserting it.
Just as with the yogurt tampon you will want to avoid leaving it in too long.
Garlic is another excellent choice for yeast itching although it is important to note this is NOT for vaginal infections.
For yeast infection itching in other areas try putting together a garlic paste and applying it to the affected area.
If you find you are suffering from a yeast infection that just will not go away no matter what type of remedy you are trying it is important to see your doctor so you can get the proper treatment you need for your infection and to stop the itching.

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