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How Can I Find If My Ex Will Want To Get Back With Me? Know What"s on Your Ex"s Mind

We've come a long way since the grade school days of asking somebody if they like you by asking them to circle 'yes' or 'no' on a crayon scribbled paper.
Nowadays, we can find out if an ex wants to get back with you by emailing them 'yes' or 'no'.
Step 1:Find A Mule: It worked for the popular guy in the movies by making friends with the nerdy, but hot, girl's best guy friend.
You've got to find yourself a "Duckie" to work as a mediator between you and your ex to see if and when she'll ever get back with you.
Step 2:Avoid Asking Her: The anticipation might be driving you crazy like waiting for the results to see just what that itch that you have is but avoid asking your ex when they'll get back with you.
You want to give them space and not look needy or clingy.
Step 3:By Laying Groundwork: You can find out if your ex will want to get back with you and actually have a better chance of her saying yes if you lay groundwork first.
This might mean getting your act together by getting a job or by losing weight in the form of your mistress.
Step 4:Do Something Noticeable: You can find out if your ex will want to get back with you by doing something noticeable.
This might mean saving children from the backseat of a burning Ford Pinto or performing a raucous standup routine on open microphone night.
If you're impressive and she wants you back, she'll call in no time.
Step 5:Is She Getting Back At You: If your ex starts dating that straggly homeless guy that happens to be your archival, it's a good sign that she still has feelings.
Her getting back at you is a signal that she still wants to get back with you.
Step 6:Take An Action: Not towards her, but take a big step in your life, or at least prepare to do so.
If she catches wind that you're planning on leaving Rhode Island to move to L.
to become a stand in on Law & Order, she'll get in contact with you to change your mind.
Step 7:Ask Her For A Date: Instead of playing the games, man up and ask her for a date.
If she wants to get back with you, she'll agree to go out just as friends first and with luck, those dates will help restore the flame and you can finally put away the crayons and paper.

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