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Skiing at Courchevel in Style

Getting to Courchevel If you are reading this then you are likely to be trying to plan a skiing trip to Courchevel.
So what are your options in getting there? Most people take a package tour flight or if they are real masochists they drive down to the Alps.
There is another less painful way for those who can afford it - private air charter.
Going by car all the way down to Courchevel is a simple no, no.
Time is precious so you want to be on the slopes rather than stuck in a traffic jam whilst crammed in a car.
Flying with the masses might sound bearable as it's only an hour flight or so.
Or is it? First you have to get to the airport which is likely to be more than an hour's drive by car.
Having arrived at the airport you now have to queue for passport control and security.
Bear in mind that you have to turn up at the airport at least two hours before, so now you have been on the go for about three hours plus and you still have not yet got onto the plane.
If you do intend to fly by either the scheduled operators or the package tour operators you had better get used to the possibility that you may not arrive with your luggage.
Flying by bucket class can be a real nightmare.
Your alternative to the above options is to fly by private air charter to Courchevel.
You might think this is out of your price range, but if you get a large enough group together you will be surprised of the savings you can make.
Flying to Courchevel by private air charter means you can fly from one of 300 plus local airports.
Unlike the larger airports you can turn up about 30 minutes before the flight and then be off on your way.
You still have to go through customs and security but you will be one of about five rather than one of thousands.
The other benefits of private air charter are: it is more secure, you can keep your anonymity and privacy, and if necessary you can reschedule.
A Review Of The Courchevel Ski Resort Courchevel refers to both a region and a number of towns.
The towns were named after their altitude in meters: Courchevel 1300 (Le Praz - the original village), Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 (Moriond), and Courchevel 1850.
However, Courchevel 1850 is in reality only 1747 meters but it was named 1850 for marketing reasons to compete with Val d'Isere.
Courchevel is a world famous resort and rightly so, given its location at the Eastern end of the gargantuan ski area of Les Trois Vallées.
It has 600 kilometres of piste which stretch from the Mont Blanc massif in the North to the Les Ecrins massif in the south.
The breathtaking scenery includes views of Mont Blanc as well as views over the Swiss and Italian Alps.
You can catch rapid ski lifts which take you to the top of the three valleys at Pointe de Thorens which stands at 3266 meters.
Being the largest linked ski area in the world, the Trois Vallée has 62 chairlifts, it boasts 27 green runs, 44 blue runs, 38 red runs and 10 black.
To maintain all of the 119 pistes in immaculate condition there are there are 563 snow cannons and 26 piste-bashers.
To keep down the risk of avalanche there are an incredible 65 gazex and 4 catex avalanche-release systems.
A Luxurious Place To Stay In Courchevel There are many great places to stay in Courchevel but if you want to pamper yourself one would recommend the Hotel de Charme les Airelles.
The hotel is at Courchevel 1850 so you are at the best location to enjoy the Trois Vallées.
The lounge at Hotel de Charme les Airelles has a library and an open fire which sets the warm and relaxing ambience.
There is a choice of four restaurants and you can use the Spa Vermont pour Les Airelles with its pool, sauna, hammam, whirlpools, and snow cave.
Courchevel Night Life If you are looking for nightlife then the best spot for apres-ski in Courchevel 1850 is the Bar le Jump, Bar l'Equipe, Le Tremplin and Le Kalico.
In Courchevel 1650 the bars of choice would be the Space Bar, Rocky's, the Bubble Bar or Moriond Lounge as the slopes close for a good party before dinner.
In Courchevel 1550 the places to be for apres-ski are Barouf, Channossa or The Bar.

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