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Carb Cycling Diet Review - Important Questions and Answers

Carb cycling has become a highly popular weight loss method as more and more people use it.
Carb cycling, also known as carb rotation, involves eating a different amount of carbs from one day to the next in an attempt to avoid the metabolic slow down which is associated with many other diets.
As with many other weight loss methods, carb cycling raises a lot of questions.
In this article, I'll try to answer some of the more common and important ones.
Q: How many meals can you eat when cycling your carbs? A: Overall, it is better to eat 4-6 small meals instead of eating 3 big ones.
That's true even if you're not cycling your carbs.
It's just considered better.
Q: Will I go hungry when I use this diet? A: Any weight loss method takes a little getting used to.
However, remember that you're eating 4-6 meals a day so it's unlikely that you'll feel too much deprivation.
Q: How much weight will I lose on this diet? How fast will it be? A: The longer you pursue the diet the more weight you will lose.
As to your weight loss rate, that changes from person to person.
Overall, the more you have to lose the faster you tend to lose it.
Furthermore, you degree of activity also influences how fast you shed those pounds so don't forget to exercise.
Q: How many hours a week do I have to exercise when doing the carb rotation diet? A: Exercising isn't an integral part of this weight loss method but it is recommended.
I advise exercising at least 3 times a week, but you don't need to become a gym addict.
Just make exercising a part of your plan.
Q: Can I eat any kind of carbs? A: No.
Some carbs are better than others.
Part of the method is to cut out useless carbs and increase consumption of complex carbs.

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