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Holiday Job Hunting

Many jobseekers believe that the period of time between Thanksgiving and New Year is a dead zone, that hiring ceases during the holiday season and they should put their job search on the back burner until mid January.
This is however a myth; the holidays can provide the jobseeker with a number of season specific opportunities, here are a few; -Holiday events are great for networking as well as catching up with friends and relatives you have perhaps not seen all year.
Do not be obnoxious about your job search when speaking to people at these gatherings but do put it out there that you are looking for work.
Help may come from unexpected quarters.
-Send holiday cards with a "micro resume" enclosed (a newer trend, a micro resume contains the salient points of a resume and contact information printed on a business card) to all the hiring managers you may have interviewed with recently.
Also send them out to any well connected friends you may have neglected to connect with recently.
-Create a job search plan that contains at least one thing for you to accomplish every day in your search for employment.
It is easy for a jobseeker to become disheartened around the holidays, so maintaining focus is essential.
-Consider taking seasonal employment to tide you through the financially draining holidays.
Many temp agencies see an increase in the number of assignment they have available around the holidays, as employees take their annual vacations or companies struggle to close out all their yearend tasks on time.
-Volunteer - Many non profits seek extra help around the holidays.
This is a great networking opportunity as well as a way to stay busy and active, not to mention the satisfaction that can be gained by doing something nice for other people.

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