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Is it Possible to Write a Will on Your Own?

Did you know that you can write your own will and that it will still be legally valid?In truth you do not always require the service of an attorney for your will to be recognized by law.
Furthermore by writing your own will you will also be making some savings on the fees that you will have otherwise paid to a lawyer.
There are only some guidelines that you will need to follow in order to write a legal will.
The aim of this article is to provide you some information so that you can write a legal will.
For a will to be legally accepted it is important that the testator has his entire mental faculty when writing the will.
This mean that you should not be under any mental treatments and that you should be lucid enough to take decision on your own.
This will prevent any person from disputing the legality of a will because the testator did not have a sound mind when writing the will.
As you would expect the testator should have reached the majority age of 18 years old to be able to write a legal will.
Dating and signing the will is another important part of the will writing procedures.
It might also be wise for you to sign or initial each of the pages of the will to prevent someone to add pages to the will.
To decrease the risk of misunderstanding and disputes it is always wise to keep the writing simple and logical.
If you want some additional help there are some will writing software that is available but I do not recommend them because of their poor quality.
Another requirement of the law is that you should have some witnesses.
In most states you will require two disinterested witness (meaning that these people will not be beneficiaries) for your will to be legal.
However this varies from state to state.
It is therefore important that you inquire about this rule before writing your will.
Individuals can perfectly write a legal will if they simply know all the procedures that need to be respected.
This will in fact avoid you from spending hundreds of dollars for a will writing service that will basically follow what has been said in this article.
Once your will is written you can always make it checked by a friend or relative with some legal background to make sure that it is valid.

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