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Promise Rings: A Perfect Gift for Making Promises

The connotation of promise rings may not be known to all. As the name suggests, promise rings are presented as a symbol of a promise or commitment made to the other person. It is not always necessary that this ring eventually leads to engagement or matrimony. There are several occasions on which you can use such a ring, one of the most common being the promise of marriage.  Just as promise rings, charm bracelets and gold pendants are also popularly used for a variety of reasons.  A charm bracelet is supposed to serve a specific purpose of bringing good things in the life of the wearer or protect the wearer from negative forces. On the other hand, a gold pendant is a popular piece of jewelry chosen for all kinds of special occasions such as engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and so on.

In case of a marriage, the engagement ring eventually replaces this ring and then the engagement ring is replaced by the wedding ring. Apart from the promise of weddings and engagements, promise rings are also used between two people to remain true to their commitment such as religious promises, promise to stay faithful towards your partner, promise to keep away from drinking or smoking habits, promise to remain friends forever, promise to stay pure and virgin till marriage, etc.

The finger on which a promise ring is worn depends completely on the discretion of the persons between whom the promise is being made. However, there are certain trends of wearing promise that are followed widely. Moreover, the finger that holds the ring also explains the type and meaning of the promise to a great extent. For example, promise rings worn on the ring finger of the left hand denote commitment of love and romantic relation. If worn on the right hand, promise rings may reflect the single status of the wearer or a promise of friendship. The face of the ring stone also means a lot of things. While a ring on the right hand with the face turned outside means that the person is not committed to anyone, the face turned inward means that the person is in a committed relationship.

The origin of promise rings dates back to thousands of years ago, when the circle of the rings were supposed to reflect eternity of the promise. In earlier days, romantic words or phrases were scribbled on stones, glass, or mirror through the diamonds placed in the promise rings. In the age of Shakespeare, people used to inscribe poetic words and phrases on the rings to show love and commitment towards each other.

The gift of promise rings will depend on the kind of relationship you are having with the person along with the budget you have considered in your mind. It can be a unique and expensive diamond ring, or a gold ring, or a simple plain band. It does not really matter how expensive the ring is but it should reflect the promise made between the two of you. You can do this inscribing the ring with different things such as a code message shared only by you two, a meaningful phrase or some words, or the initials of your names. The style of the ring should be liked by both of you, especially by your partner if she is a woman.

The popularity of charm bracelets and gold pendants as gifts are also quite high. Both these gifts make very good accessories for women and are thus, so popular as gifts on a variety of occasions. Gold and silver charm bracelets with or without charms attached are available in the market. The gold or the silver can be again associated with some precious metal. If you want your charm to be exclusively personal, you can buy and attach your own charm to the bracelets.  Charm bracelets or gold pendants, given thoughtfully, can really make the receiver happy and can last for a lifetime. The prices of these bracelets vary widely as per the metal you choose.

When it comes to presenting gold pendants, the choice of the gold is very important. Always check the reputation of the store to get the right quality and ask for a certificate of authenticity. The type of the gold you select for the present is also important and must be something your beloved or friend likes. Most importantly, the design of the jewelry will go miles to reflect your bond or represent your feelings towards the receiver. So, be it promise rings, or charm bracelets, or gold pendants, make sure it matches the personality of the wearer and yet be unique to be treasured forever.

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