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Mites in Ductwork


    • Among the many materials and irritants that can collect in your home air duct system, organic materials are among the most prevalent. Some of these materials include dead skin cells, human or pet hair and some elements of feces as well. Along with dust, these materials offer an ideal residence for dust mites, microscopic organisms connected to a variety of different health concerns for you and your family. In addition to a presence in ductwork, these creatures can even be found in your bedding, rugs and carpeting.

    Health Concerns

    • Dust mites, in health-related issues, are most significantly connected to allergy symptoms. In the excrement of the mites, there is an enzyme that has been identified as DerP1. According to the folks at Clean My, this is " an important protein responsible for allergic reactions." The negative effects of dust mites are also connected to the worsening or complicating of conditions ranging from asthma to conjunctivitis.

    Cleaning Options

    • There are many cleaning services that offer services for ductwork. They typically employ different methods depending on the nature of the work and the price ranges or service levels you're willing to pay for. Usually, brushes are used mechanically, by hand or pneumatically. Pneumatic cleaning, which uses compressed air, is typically the most expensive yet thorough service available. Before you invest in a cleaning service, there are a number of other considerations you need deliberate on.


    • The first consideration regards research. The U.S. Environmental protection Agency wants you to know that no real substantive research exists that supports the idea that cleaning air ducts helps your health. Alternatively, it may spread allergens, insects and irritants detrimentally. They also caution that if insects like mites are in your duct works, other underlying problems probably exist that will not be eradicated through cleaning the ducts. In the end, if you do decide to clean them, remember that if you don't attack other locations like carpeting, chances are the mites will return in force and no real good has been done.

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