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How to Sell LLC Stock

    • 1). Call the broker holding the LLC shares and ask whether they are restricted. If the shares are restricted, ask your broker the rules of the restriction. The most common restriction is inability to sell before a specified date. If the restrictions are broken, a large fine is imposed on the brokerage firm and the investor.

    • 2). Consider the conditions under which you would like to sell the shares of the LLC stock. There are two types of orders: a limit order and a market order. A limit order sells the stock at or above a specified price. In contrast, a market order sells the stock at the current market value. In addition, there are choices in the instructions to sell shares of a company. An "all or none" instruction sells all the shares or none of the shares. The other option is to leave no instructions, which sells the shares through the fastest method possible. For example, if 1,000 shares of a company are selected to be sold with no instruction, 500 shares of the company may be sold, then 100 shares and then 400 shares if that is the fastest method.

    • 3). Log onto your online brokerage account. If you do not know your username or password, contact your broker through email, chat or phone and ask to be provided with this information.

    • 4). Select "trade" then fill out the quantity of shares you would like to sell, order type and instructions. Next, select "sell" to place your order.

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