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How To Do A Death Record Search Online

It is not that difficult to obtain death records online if you are looking to complete your family tree.
One of the biggest advantages is that many of these sites are free when searching for information and you can also get almost immediate access to these records.
A family tree needs information such as important dates, birth dates, marriage and death dates and their full names.
You could ask one of your relatives if they can help you with this type of information.
Once you have the information required then you can start your search.
A good site to visit is familysearch.
com as this site has all the church genealogy records which can be obtained free.
Once the site has opened then you can fill in all the necessary details of your ancestors.
The search engine will then supply you with a list of people who match the same criteria as your ancestors.
The more detailed information you can supply the better, as this will make the search a lot quicker and easier.
Some of the sites also have retained scanned images of these death records and you may well even find an original death certificate of one of your relatives.
You can also contact the Vital Statistics office directly, and request a death certificate although it will have to be in the same state your ancestors passed on in.
in some of the different states the Department of Health is responsible for birth and death certificates.
Another place to look would be the Social Security Death Index Records who have records dating from 1962 of people that had a social security number.
You will find that the death certificate will state the person's full name, their SSN, date of birth and death, and will state where the SSN was first issued.
In addition will also supply you with their last known address and the address and details where the death benefits were sent.
For genealogists that are searching for death records, the SSDI is an ideal tool for extracting birth and death dates and well as supply you with the geographical regions in which the person died.
Once you have located the records and you have the SSN you can then apply directly to the SS offices and obtain all the information on that person through their application file which costs around $27.
There are several methods in which to obtain a death certificate online.

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