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How to Make Protest Stencil Art

    • 1). Decide on the image you want for your protest stencil. You can design one on your own using your computer or find one on the Internet (see Resources below).

    • 2). Print off your image. You will need to fit your printed pages to standard letter size 8.5-by-11 inch paper, but you can always make several stencil on individual pages to fill your poster board.

    • 3). Use masking tape to tape around all edges of your printed sheet face down to your clear acetate.

    • 4). Use the exacto knife to cut out your image in the clear acetate, following the printed sheet as a guide.

    • 5). Remove your printed sheet from your clear acetate, removing any excess pieces that can be popped out of your image.

    • 6). Lay your clear acetate onto your poster board and spray paint your image.

    • 7). Reuse the same stencil on any other signs you want to make.

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