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Motorcycle Headwear You Should Always Use

When I moved to Thailand with my wife, we took some things we considered essential with us. Our motorcycle clothing was definitely considered essential, even though it was awkward to take. If you have ever lived in a country like Thailand, you will know the way that personal safety is practically ignored on motorcycles. When I look at the way Thais are dressed on a motorcycle, it makes me shudder to think of the accidents they could have, and the potential injuries they could suffer. Thailand is notorious for people ignoring the law and not wearing a helmet, even though it is the most important part of your body to protect. Below is a list of things that I consider vital for protecting your head or making it comfortable; no matter what country you are in.


If you fall from your motorcycle, at any speed, you could die from a blow to the head, so make sure it is protected at all times. As we know, accidents are a part of life on the road, and you can have one for the most innocuous of reasons. A good quality helmet will reduce the chance of injury hugely, so make sure you spend as much as you can afford on one. There is a massive range of styles and colours available, so finding the right one should be easy. It is very important to make sure the fit is perfect, as a badly fitting helmet will not give you the same protection as a well measured one.

Eye Protection

If you buy a full faced helmet, it will come with a visor as part of the package. However, if you buy an open faced helmet, you will need to buy goggles or safety glasses of some description. Your eyes are very sensitive, and easily damaged, and you need to take good care of them on your motorcycle. It is uncomfortable enough with the wind blowing into your eyes, as you ride your motorcycle, without having insects, dust, and debris flying into them. Make sure that your visor or goggles are impact resistant, and that they are clean at all times. Sunglasses may look cool, but they don't offer much protection from hazards. Sprays are available to make water run from you visor or goggles in rainy weather, and it is a good idea to use one to keep your vision at 100%.

Balaclava/ Head Stocking

A balaclava may not save your life, but it will definitely make riding more enjoyable. They are a great way to regulate your body temperature, as you will not lose as much heat through your head in cold conditions, and can protect your ears if you wear an open faced helmet. They are also useful as they can stop your motorcycle helmet becoming too smelly to wear. You simply need to wash the balaclava, instead of stripping the lining out of your favorite helmet.

Your head is important, and you need to look after all aspects of it. You should do all you can to keep it safe and comfortable. Using these items will ensure you are protected from accidents and discomfort. Enjoy your motorcycle, and keep well.

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