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White Beach Tourism in Okinawa, Japan


    • Enjoy the sun setting in the sea from White Beach.beach image by Michelle Coonradt from

      White Beach is situated on the main island in the Okinawa archipelago, the southernmost prefecture of Japan. The island is at the same latitude as Hawaii, and the climate is warm, even in winter. Because it is situated close to the Asian mainland, Okinawa has pronounced seasons, although the weather remains mild all year round.
      The sea is too cold for bathing in winter, and this region can get typhoons from July to mid-November, although the season peaks in September.


    • Thirty-two trailers are available for rent at White Beach.trailer image by Greg Pickens from

      This is the only recreational establishment of its kind inside the naval base. Above the beach, Snuggler's Cove Bluff includes eight cabins for rent. Only 50 m from the sea are 32 rental trailers that provide water and dual-burner gas stoves as well as bathrooms. Trailers and cottages include air conditioning, TVs and DVD players. Reservations can be made via email or over the phone (numbers are internal to the base). In addition, camping spots include tents for rent.


    • The marina rents windsurfing gear.windsurfing off key biscayne image by Wimbledon from

      The main activity in White Beach/Snuggler's Cove is bathing in the sea. Other activities include minigolf and working out in the fitness center. A small marina offers sailboats and windsurfing gear, and tourists go jet-skiing and wakeboarding. Beach sandals or shoes are recommended, as the beach is strewn with coral and sea glass. Each Veterans Day, the U.S. Navy organizes a music festival.




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