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The Building of an Olympic Team; an Allegory of the War in Iraq

So often in the Media we hear questions like when will we bring our troops home from Iraq? Staying the course is important, we all know that it makes no sense to cut and run.
Others ask; what are we doing in Iraq; why are we there; when will we be done; what is the mission anyway.
Well, these of course are all good questions indeed.
Let me help you understand exactly what we are doing in Iraq and abstractly explain what we must do to complete our mission.
Now my allegory is work in progress, I hope you like it; if not perhaps you can alert me to other items to add or modify, so we can bring this message to others.
This way everyone can understand through this visual image.
Consider first a Ski Lift with a Ski House at the bottom of the mountain and grandstand seating at the top.
Think of the Winter Olympics where the best teams of the world unite in celebration, all having much in common, having sacrificed the long hours of training and enduring years to reach this pinnacle of freedom.
We know the Olympic symbol is Five Rings and now let's realize that this can also correspond to another five very important things in Islam; the "Five Pillars.
" Think of the Three rings at the bottom are Shiite, Suni and Kurd and the Two rings at top are; Liberty and Self Determined Destiny (no dictatorship).
Here is the allegory as we ascend the majestic mountain to take our place with other nations: 1.
) Get into the Chair Lift House (Go to Baghdad) after being kicked out from UN inspections, to fulfill the obligations under the UN resolutions.
We were not allowed to enter.
We did.
) Get on the Lift Chair at the Bottom (Remove Saddam) from allowing people to get on the lift to reach the top of the hill.
Symbolizes pursuit of dreams and happiness.
Self Determination.
) Travel the Long Uphill climb (Going the Distance) symbolizing Braving the cold and hardship.
Voting with Purple fingers.
Guarding freedom, training for the competition.
"A long road to victory is a must to win.
There is no easy way.
Never give up!" The United States is the coach and we are there to support.
Win or Lose, there to assist to bringing the team together.
) As a "Free Iraq" (Join the world Community) in unity to enjoy all there is, to develop commerce and trade and friends amongst all nations of the world.
To move into the future, as a respected team, with all other nations who have been through the hard training, sacrifice and pain to get there.
We understand; we are all one.
) To stand on top of the Mountain and look out at the Valley Below, (A place of peace, liberty and freedom) and know we stand here today because we are of the best nations of the World and our children will be free to determine their future; a proud Iraq having made that tough climb to the summit and done so much faster than any nation the prior (thanks to our coach the USA).
We have come from Dictatorship, through civil unrest, constitution and now together as one, amongst the leading nations of the "Free World!" Now then, I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this allegory and I hope you will look at the "War in Iraq" as more than just a war, it is so much more than that.
There is no way to build an Olympic team from scratch in such a short amount of time without, dedication, commitment and sacrifice.
Indeed we must press on, as history has shown that perserverance is the only way to accomplish such a lofty goal.
We are not just rebuilding Iraq and this is not just another war.
We are building World Unity; unity in motion and this is the makings of an Olympic Team, one that everyone on Earth can be proud of.
Consider this in 2006.

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