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The Best Hiding Places for Getting a Nuke in "Modern Warfare 2"


    • The darkened cave in the center of the map is an excellent camping location, the shadowy corners make it difficult for you to be seen. The view out of the cave mouth toward the crashed plane provides numerous sniping opportunities without requiring you to leave cover. Place a claymore mine at the narrow side entrance to the cave to prevent enemies from sneaking into your blind spot.


    • The house at the top of the hill is filled with tight spaces ideal for camping, and because it's at the top of a hill, you can count on a steady stream of players to try to take it from you. The bathroom on the right at the top of the stairs is a good place to cover your back. Spaces with only one point of entry are always ideal camping spots. Place a mine and crouch up on the sink.


    • The central warehouse receives a great deal of traffic, but there are numerous entrances that make it easy for enemies to sneak up on you. If you're a sniper, the small wooden cabin to the right of the bridge provides good visual cover. However, there is little hard cover to hid behind, so keep your shots to a minimum to avoid being discovered. The "Cold Blooded" perk will prevent you from being seen by drones and thermal scopes.


    • The bunker is practically impenetrable if its held by a team of three or four players, with one or more covering each door. The crates behind the wooden fence provide plenty of solid cover if you crouch. Enemies may try and rush you in groups, so an LMG or Assault rifle with a large clip is an ideal weapon. Tucked into the corner, you're vulnerable only when reloading.

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