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Saloon Girl Fancy Dress - 3 Important Tips When Buying Wild West Fancy Dress Costumes

Back in the old days of the Wild West, there were many lonely cowboys trying to make a living in a place where the men often outnumbered the women by as much as three to one.
In the western towns where the cowboys lived, it was the saloon girl's role to brighten their evening, after a hard days work.
The saloon girl would of course sing for the cowboys, dance with them and even keep them company, while they spent their hard earned money drinking and gambling on the premises.
The saloon girl's dresses were always bright, colorful and above all sexy, so is it any wonder that saloon girl fancy dress costumes are today one of the most popular types of outfits at fancy dress parties.
Whether you opt for a daring saloon girl costume or a sultry saloon madam outfit, there is no doubting that you are going to turn heads at the party.
However, here are some tips to help make sure you choose the outfit that is right for you.
Make sure that your costume fits well It is common sense perhaps, but there is always that temptation to squeeze into the costume that you really want, even though it is a size too small.
You would not choose your regular clothes like that, so please don't choose your party outfit that way either.
If you go to the right online store, they will have great costumes in your size, which will fit you perfectly.
Make sure you feel totally confident in the outfit This is extremely important.
Do not be forced into choosing a costume, whether it be by your partner or a friend, which you do not feel comfortable in.
Remember, this is your fantasy, your party and most of all, your choice.
Make sure your partner's costume is a good match This is perhaps not as important as the first two tips, however, in my experience it is always better to turn up to a party with your partner in costumes that compliment each other.
So if you are wearing a saloon girl fancy dress costume, then perhaps your partner could go as a cowboy, a gambler or perhaps even in Mexican fancy dress.

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