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History of "Liberty Safe"

Many customers have asked me lately about the history of "Liberty Safe" so I decided to put out this article outlining the chronology of the evolution of this Gun Safe Manufacturer.

1988. The Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. was founded by Jay Crosby, an engineer/entrepreneur. It started operation in three storage units producing 6 safes a day. It didn't take long before the company moved into a 25,000 square foot production facility in Provo, Utah where it rapidly grew.

1991. Liberty Safe opened a field distribution center in Atlanta, Georgia, where a field sales and service team was also established. Products were stocked and successfully distributed from the warehouse to regional dealers.

1992. A second field distribution center was established in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to service the northeastern United States.

1994. Liberty Safe constructed its second manufacturing facility-a 45,000 square foot factory - in Springville, Utah. The company moved its corporate headquarters to the new facility. That same year, Liberty Safe became the #1 safe company in America, a distinction it continues to hold up to this day.

1995. The company opened its third production facility-an 18,000 square foot factory - in Provo, Utah. By October, Jay Crosby sold the company to Linsalata Capital Partners, a private-equity investor based in Cleveland, Ohio.

1997. The company acquired the National Security Safe Company - a major competitor ranked among the top 5 players in the industry at that time. The acquisition added a fourth production facility to Liberty Safe - a 28,000 square foot facility in American Fork, Utah.

Linsalata/Liberty acquired a large distributor territory in the Midwestern states, with a field distribution center and sales force in Fairbury, Illinois.

The company then opened a 45,000 square foot distribution center in Spanish Fork, Utah, bringing the number of its Utah facilities to five.

It was also that year when Liberty introduced its High Security Composite Door and the unique beveled edge on the front of its top-end model, the Presidential Series.

1998. Liberty Safe opened a fourth distribution center with its own field sales team in Dallas, Texas.

Later that year, the company started offering Centurion safes, a full line of light commercial safes.

Liberty Safe earned a patent for a unique bolt locking mechanism used on all Liberty plate-steel doors. It also introduced the 4-in-1 FlexTM storage system whose adjustable shelving gave consumers storage flexibility.

Linsalata sold Liberty Safe to National City Equity Partners, a subsidiary of National City Bank based in Cleveland, Ohio.

That same year, the company patented The FlexTM interior which is standard on all Liberty and National Security full-sized gun safes.

As 1998 ended, Liberty had doubled its sales and profitability after less than four years under Insalata's ownership.

2001. Liberty Safe consolidated all its warehouses and distribution centers into a 200,000 square foot production and distribution facility in Payson, Utah. A new multi-million dollar production process was also implemented.The company then introduced a new optional storage cabinet kit which is perfect for storing important documents and jewelry.

2005. National City Equity Partners sold their majority share to Catterton Partners while maintaining a minority position in Liberty Safe. Under Catterton Partners' ownership, Liberty Safe gained an additional 25% growth in revenue and invested heavily on equipment to further automate production.

2007. Liberty introduced the BTU fire rating system where each safe is certified using leading testing technology and standards established by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

2008. Liberty introduced the revolutionary accessory door panel with the unique Cool Pocket for easy access to handguns and to keep papers safe in a fire.

Today, Liberty Safe has more than 350 dealers nationwide offering 22 safe models within six series, in more than a dozen colors. Each Liberty Safe carries the U.L. symbol of security which attests that it has passed rigorous testing by U.L. technicians. Liberty offers in-home delivery and after sales service, including a lifetime warranty.

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