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City Presents Attractions, Official Guide and Full Schedule

January 30, 2014

More than 2,000 events in 63 revelry hubs and a greater focus on regional music and artists will fire up Carnival 2014 (February 28 to in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. The celebrations will officially open on February 28 with a meeting of two great musical styles - frevo and maracatu - at Marco Zero. The city's pre-Carnival festivities have already started.

About R$ 33 M will be invested in this year's festivities, which are expected to draw 800,000 visitors and pump R$600 M into the local economy.


Details and full schedule were officially presented on January 29 at Forte das Cinco Pontas. Recife mayor Geraldo Julio highlighted the stronger presence of Pernambuco artists and this Carnival, which will honor frevo - inscribed in the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2012 - and artist Antônio Carlos Nóbrega. An unprecedented 98% of all artists performing will be from Pernambuco. There will be 1,300 street events and 700 shows on stages.

The 2014 slogan is, "Carnaval do Recife – Nada é Igual" ("Recife Carnival - There's Nothing Like It").

"We want a living city with people loving it and expressing their love," said the mayor. "And Carnival is a time when that happens in a very powerful way." 

Recife's Culture Secretary, Lêda Alves, compared the city's Carnival planning to "gestating a child".

"Let's enjoy each magic moment of this great celebration," she said.

On the Official Recife Carnival Guide, look up the 39-page schedule under “Programação".


Prévias 2014:

Recife and neighboring Olinda are famous for their prévias, or pre-Carnival events. Their schedule is posted on the official guide and social networking as well.

One of the best regular events in the season is the acerto de marcha, or rehearsal held by blocos líricos at Pátio de São Pedro on Thursdays at 7 p.m. through February.

Look for pre-Carnival updates on the official Carnival guide, under "Notícias", and on social networking (see links below).

Carnival Hubs and Shows 

The polos, or hubs, will be at 63 spots, 14 more than last Carnival. There will be 21 official hubs, 29 community hubs and eight corredores de folia, or revelry circuits - Coelhos, Alto Santa Terezinha, Alto do Mandú, Buracão, Morro da Conceição, Buriti, UR-02 Ibura and Três Carneiros). Kids will have their own hubs at Parque da Jaqueira, Parque Dona Lindu and Parque Santana, and there will be group contests at Estrada do Bongi and on Avenida do Forte. 

Some of the artists invited are Gilberto Gil, Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho, Nação Zumbi, Fafá de Belém, Mundo Livre S/A, Jorge Aragão, Martinho da Vila, Sandra de Sá, Antúlio Madureira, Claudionor Germano, Marrom Brasileiro, Almir Rouche, André Rio, Nena Queiroga, Eddie, Erasto Vasconcelos and Gustavo Travassos.

In the opening, Naná Vasconcelos will direct a maracatu parade. Frevo will be celebrated by Antônio Nóbrega, Spok and guests and Silvério Pessoa will lead a homage to Reginaldo Rossi, a popular Recife singer and songwriter who died last December.

Municipal Ball 2014

Recife's Municipal Ball (Baile Municipal) is one of the top Carnival parties in Brazil. This year, it will take place on February 22. Ticket sales start on February 12. Read more about it:

Baile Municipal 2014


Recife Carnival has become famous for its visual identity, which brightens up the streets, the Municipal Ball, the official guide and social networking. This year, Carlos Augusto Lira is responsible for the scenography project which has design and illustrations by Bel Andrade Lima and David Alfonso under the coordination of Eduardo Lira.

Video mapping and a lighting project by Márcia Chamixaes will also be used through the festivities.


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