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Kitchen Lighting - Where to Begin

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important room in your house that you need think about when adding new lighting to your home.
The kitchen needs to be lit up for a number of reasons, and there are many different types of kitchen lighting to think about.
The first think you want to keep in mind is that you have enough light in the kitchen to be able to prepare food, lighting to entertain guests, and under cabinet and task lighting.
There are for main kinds of lighting that you can use in your kitchen, these are task, accent, ambient, and decorative.
Task lighting main job is making the kitchen functional, its lighting where you need it to do specific tasks.
This lighting will help you when preparing food, reading cookbooks, or checking to see just how sharp your knives really are.
The task lighting should be position between the work area and yourself.
Accent lighting is always low voltage; these are sometimes displayed in display cabinets, under counters, or areas that don't need a lot of light.
Accent lighting is very simple and affordable, but is a necessary to make the kitchen feel complete.
Next, you have ambient lighting.
This is one kind of lighting that can instantly transform your kitchen and it is usually the least thought about.
Most people think that the bright fluorescent lights they have will do the trick, the don't know how ambient lighting can create that "homey feel".
Ambient lighting will create soft lights, a nice warm glow.
This lighting is also great for having a family meal in due to its interment feel.
Along with this is the last type of lighting, decorative lighting.
Decorative lighting adds that extra special touch to your Kitchen Lighting.
Decorative lighting can be as simple as just adding pendants, or lighting up small areas of the kitchen to showcase a special piece.
Be careful with decorative lighting, to much can make the kitchen seem to cluttered.

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