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How to Troll Several Lines in the Chesapeake

    • 1). Tie a jig head hook to the end of your 50 pound test monofilament fishing line. Attach a 12 ounce jig head hook to the line with a a Palomar knot. Moisten the knot and pull it down tight.

    • 2). Place a 9 inch soft plastic minnow or swim bait on the jig head hook. Choose a bait with a coloration that imitates a natural bait fish in the area or other coloration based on personal preference.

    • 3). Move the boat to an area of the Bay where structure like a ledge or hump is located. Refer to local information, fish finder readings or personal knowledge of the area to locate suitable trolling areas.

    • 4). Cast one rigged line into the water on the left or port side of the boat. Allow the weighted hook and bait to sink to the desired depth in the water. Place the rod in a rod holder. Cast a second rod from the right or starboard side. Allow the weighted bait to settle down through the water to the desired depth. Place the rod in a rod holder.

    • 5). Move the boat forward at a speed of no more than 1 mile per hour. Watch the fishing lines as the baits are trolled to make sure there is good separation. Steer the boat in a back and forth pattern across the area in the water while trolling.

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