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What Are Some Minor Things I Can Do to Make My Snowmobile Last Longer?

    Owner's Manual

    • Look at your owner's manual to find out what maintenance you need to perform on your machine. Every snowmobile is different. Routine maintenance tips are provided with each machine that properly service that machine only. Go through these tips before you try any new tips or visit your mechanic.

    Fuel System

    • Clean your fuel system. Only do this if you are confident you can do this without ruining parts of your machine. If you are a novice, it is best to leave it to a professional, or at least have assistance. The professionals at Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Association recommend adding fuel stabilizer before you tamper with the already-existing fuel in the snowmobile engine. They recommend you run your machine for 3 to 10 minutes to properly mix the fuel and the stabilizer. Afterward, you should turn off the machine and drain all the fuel out of the machine. This can easily be done by opening the cap on the oil reserve and allowing it to flow out. You should have a pan ready to catch the oil. Fill the gas tank up completely after all the oil is drained. This helps to keep excess water out of the tank.

    Clean and Wax

    • Clean your machine thoroughly and wax it, leaving no dirt clods, oil, gas, or other elements that could be detrimental to the machine. After it is fully cleaned and dried, wax it to preserve the paint. Waxing the snowmobile helps to keep the paint looking new, as objects tend to glide off it as opposed to sticking. Store the snowmobile at an angle, with the front elevated higher than the rear. The idea is to put a block under the front of the machine and to slightly elevate the back with a thin board. This takes pressure off the suspension.


    • Add grease to your snowmobile. Your owners manual tells you which parts to grease often. These are the same parts you should grease before storage. Grease these parts to push out excess condensation, and to keep the pieces from corroding. You don't want your snowmobile to rust while it sits in storage. Store your snowmobile in a garage or barn. Don't allow it to sit outside in the elements, as this is the easiest way to get moisture in the worst places.

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