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What Is Snowbird Travel Insurance?

Every fall millions of ducks, geese, robins and other birds start their journey from Canada, and head down south to enjoy the warm weather that graces our southerly neighbours.
It isn't long after that, the Canadian people (known as snowbirds) begin their migration south as well.
It is estimated that somewhere between 800,000 to 1.
7 million Canadians migrate south for the winter.
Different studies account for the large difference in numbers.
Regardless though, a LOT of people are what we refer to as "snowbirds".
If you are planning to spend your winters in the south you should seriously consider health insurance targeted towards these Snowbirds.
What is Snowbird Insurance? Snowbird insurance is targeted to those people who spend their winters in the Southern US or Mexico.
It is used to supplement your provincial health insurance plan's out of province coverage.
These insurance policies will cover you in case of medical emergencies.
A good policy will cover your medical expenses as well as any extra costs directly caused due to the emergency (i.
extra hotel costs if you can't travel).
Why Should I Consider Snowbird Insurance? People should always be prepared for the worst.
While a medical emergency is never fun, it certainly shouldn't leave you financially crippled.
If you choose to avoid Snowbird insurance and are stuck with a medical emergency in a country like the USA, you will be looking at a huge bill.
In some American hospitals, daily hospital costs could be thousands of dollars.
Many anowbirds also happen to be seniors.
It is even more important for them to have insurance, because emergencies are more likely.
When you are a senior and you sit down with an insurance broker, many times you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.
This will allow the broker to find the best premiums, as well as ensure the coverage suits his client's potential needs.
If you are one of the lucky Canadians who is able to spend the harsh winters in relative paradise, then make sure you are fully prepared.
Preparing for the worst case scenario with some sort of travel insurance is worth the price alone for peace of mind.
If something does happen, it will be worth far more than that when your emergency costs are covered.
Snowbird insurance is a wise choice for anyone who travels South for the winter.
While it is exceptionally important for seniors, it should still be a priority for all long term travelers.

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