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What Is Gynexin?

Gynexin is an herbal supplement pill which claims to be specifically designed to help reduce male breast enlargement, or Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a problem that as many as one third of men are said to have. Usually the problem is most evident when a male is going through puberty, because the fluctuation of the body's hormones can cause breast like tissue to grow beneath the boy's nipples. This tissue sometimes grows large enough to look like actual male breasts, and other times it's simply enough to be referred to as puffy nipples.

Middle aged adult men however, also have problems with Gynecomastia. In most cases the problem in grown men is caused more due to extra fatty tissue on their bodies, or obesity, than hormonal fluctuations and changes. Because of this, the most common way to get rid of man boobs is to do exercises which will help burn extra fat off your body.

Gynexin however, is an herbal supplement pill which claims it specifically targets the fatty tissue in the mammary glands of a man's breast and chest area. This herbal supplement says that it can dramatically reduce a man's breast tissue and puffy nipples within six months, with the earliest results being noticeable in about six weeks.

The Gynexin sales material claims that their product is 100% natural, and the only side effect men have from taking it is that they also start to lose fat from around their main body torso area in addition to losing fat from the breast, nipple and chest area.

In fact, Gynexin claims that if you take their pill three times each day, within about two to three weeks you'll start to notice a reduction in general body fat around the midsection and torso area of the body. Within about six weeks or so, the breast area will be firmer. And within six months, most men are supposed to experience the best results in male breast reduction.

According to the online sales material and instructions, Gynexin is supposed to be taken three times each day with meals and lots of water. It is said to be 100% herbal, yet there is little information as to the exact ingredients available, because the primary ingredient is simply listed as a proprietary formula.

Some men have reported having unpleasant side effects from taking Gynexin, but there are only a few reports of this across the Internet. Gynexin is promoted as being an excellent, safer, and less expensive alternative treatment for man boobs compared to getting plastic surgery or liposuction.

Whether you decide to try Gynexin to help reduce your own man boobs from Gynecomastia or not is up to you. Keep in mind though, that if your man boobs are caused primarily due to weight gain and excess fat on your body, you can lose them without any pills or supplements just by doing some fat burning exercises too.

You can't reduce man boobs alone by doing exercises though, since you can't burn fat from just one area of your body. By doing general fat burning exercises such as those that tone and firm your muscles though, your body will start burning more fat naturally, and you won't need to try herbal pills such as Gynexin.

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