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Home Remedy to Kill Grubs

    • 1). Add trees and plants to your lawn or garden that are known to attract birds and other bug-eaters. As the population of predators grows, the population of grubs will shrink.

    • 2). Mix 2 tbsp. neem oil into one gallon of water. Neem oil is environmentally safe because it will only affect grubs and beetles.

    • 3). Add the mixture to a garden sprayer and spray your lawn so that the soil is soaked with the oil. As the grubs chew on the grass roots and dig through the soil, the neem oil will kill the bugs.

    • 4). Apply milky spore to your garden; the spore comes in a powder form. Spread it evenly across your lawn so that it soaks into your soil. Milky spore is a disease that kills only grubs; it will spread from grub to grub, eliminating the infestation.

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