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How to Make a Girl Like You Without Lying to Her

Every man has this problem.
You finally meet a girl that you're interested in and she doesn't even know that you exist.
Even if she does, she seems to be completely oblivious to your obvious attraction to her.
There are many ways to remedy this problem, most of them easy to follow and almost guaranteed to succeed.
One of the many techniques in how to make a girl like you is to be casual.
Do not appear to be desperate or show your feelings overtly.
Women feel easily threatened by this type of behavior.
In this day and age, being too expressive of your feelings will get you strange looks and in some cases, pepper spray in the eyes.
If you meet her in, greet her in a relaxed way.
A simple nod of the head is enough to just acknowledge her presence.
This can be followed by an exchange of a few words.
Introduce yourself if she doesn't know you.
Try not to get into a long conversation with her if you feel you're not up to it.
You might make a bad first impression and your first impression should be the best.
When talking to her you have to show confidence, she would also be at ease and this will lead to a more enjoyable conversation.
Think about what you are about to say before actually saying it.
Most men would feel flustered when talking to a beautiful woman.
So, just relax and remember that she is also a human being and subject to the same emotions you have.
Chances are she might be tongue-tied too.
Clothes make the man.
This goes without saying, when you're meeting with a lady you have to look your best.
This is one of the ways on how to make a girl like you.
This does not mean you should be in a tuxedo all the time.
It just means that when there's a chance you are going to run into her, you should appear decently.
Choose a wardrobe that is suitable to your style and build.
If you are short and stocky, avoid shirts with horizontal stripes, since it will make you appear wider.
If you are tall and gangly, don't wear loose clothes because it will enhance your skinny appearance.
It is best to ask an opinion of a friend on the choice of your clothes and make sure they don't lie.
Time to shave.
Hygiene is one of first things women would look for in a man.
Get yourself taken care of before you try to take care of her.
Go to a barber and get a nice haircut that won't give you much trouble in maintaining.
Your hair should be easy to shampoo to avoid dandruff.
Also, you have to make sure it suits the shape of your head.
The long 'pretty boy' haircut only works for certain kind of people.
Do not take the easy way out and shave your head bald, unless you have a smooth oval head.
This would also be the perfect time to buy a grooming kit and a facial cleanser.
Meeting a girl with a hairy and pockmarked face is definitely not how to make a girl like you.
Get a smooth clean shave that actually involves shaving cream.
Wash your face at least twice a day unless you have a really oily face.
Also, apply deodorant if you're meeting her.
Women like men who smell nice.
Be nice.
All the tips given above will be worth nothing if you act like a jerk.
Nice guys don't finish last all the time.
It pays to be good and fair.
You should be polite to her and treat her like a real lady.
Be the one to show her that chivalry is not dead.
A simple act such as opening the door for her or saving her a seat will get you noticed and admired.
This good values plus a sparkling personality might be the tipping point in winning her over.
Be ready.
Though it is unlikely, there is always the smallest chance where she might reject your advances.
If this happens, do not be disappointed and take it like man.
Be civil, if not friendly towards her next time you meet.
It might be for the best.
These tips will only help if you have the confidence and conviction to woo her.
Like in any other activity, practice makes perfect.
Be strong and don't be too depressed if it does not work for you straight away.
You just have to be patient and persevere.

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