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How to File for Guardianship in Arkansas

    • 1). Go to the local probate court in the county where the child or individual is a resident. Obtain the free petition for guardianship at the clerk's office. The documents will be slightly different for different county courts, but instructions and fees will be listed on the documents themselves.

    • 2). Fill out the petition and return to the clerk's office. File the petition along with the required court fee.

    • 3). Make copies of the petition once it is stamped by the clerk of the court. Send copies of these to the other individuals who will be involved in the case such as the child's parents, step-parents, case worker, etc.

    • 4). Wait to be notified of your court date to appear before the judge. Contact any knowledgeable and reliable individuals who are willing to testify as to why you should be the guardian. Ask them to accompany you to the hearing, if possible. Collect any documentary evidence that supports your case so that you can submit it to the judge.

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