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Scholarships and Grants for Male Nursing Students

    • Being a male in the nursing field means that you are in a minority in your field. Because male nurses are less common than female nurses, you may be entitled to several special scholarships and grants. With a plethora of nursing scholarships out there, it can sometimes be a little difficult to sort through them and find those specifically designated for male nurses.

    AAMN/Johnson & Johnson Scholarship

    • This scholarship is provided by the American Association for Men in Nursing, in conjunction with Johnson and Johnson. It provides $1,000 to those candidates that they feel best fit the qualifications for the scholarship. If you are a male pre-nursing student who is in an undergraduate program that will lead to qualification to take the NCLEX-RN test, or a registered nurse in a graduate nursing program or allied health nursing program, you can apply to receive this scholarship. Checking the AAMN website regularly will inform you of when applications are open for this scholarship. Scholarship

    • This is a somewhat different approach to earning a scholarship. To apply, you will need to send a letter of interest to, who is the director of the American Association for Men in Nursing. Eligibility entails being an AAMN member with an interest in distance learning at Excelsior College.

    Jadeh Moore Student Nurse Essay Contest

    • This scholarship, awarded by the American Association for Men in Nursing, is awarded to the best candidate in their essay contest each year. The question posed by the association changes each year, and the best response wins a $500 scholarship. To qualify for eligibility, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate program or nursing program that will lead to eligibility for the NCLEX-RN test. The AAMN website remains updated with application information and the qualifying question each year.

    Kaiser Permanente Deloras Jones Nursing Scholarship for Underrepresented Groups in Nursing

    • If you are a male living in California, or planning to attend school in California, you may be eligible for one of these awards. In order to receive this scholarship, you must have finished at least one academic term at a California college or university. In addition, you have to demonstrate a need for the scholarship. You must provide proof that your family earns less than $50,000 a year per family member. Recipients of the award can receive anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500.

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