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How to Be a Role Model for Younger Kids

    • 1). Practice what you preach. Younger kids are perceptive when it comes to picking up on your behavior. When you tell them not to do something that you do, they see it as something that they can't do around you, but can do it elsewhere since you do it. Smoking and drinking alcohol is a good example here. When you say hypocritical things to kids, you're also setting them up to be hypocritical when they get older.

    • 2). Express things in positive ways. Even if you are disappointed in something a younger kid has done, yelling or negative speech only will teach them to yell and say mean things to others. Be kind and positive.

    • 3). Be reliable. Keep your promises and when you say you will do something, do it. This will teach younger kids to do the same as they grow older as well as build their trust in you.

    • 4). Admit your faults and mistakes. Denying your bad habits and negative traits won't fool kids. Everyone messes up every once in a while. Use this as an opportunity to share your wisdom and experiences with them.

    • 5). Be supportive. Showing you care and want the best for younger children will earn you their trust. If they trust you, they will be more likely to want to follow your good example.

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