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I Vote for the Best Looking Candidate

I really try to vote in every election.
I think that idea came from my mother who was a die-hard Democrat.
She always told me that I needed to make my voice heard in the public arena by voting.
So, since I was old enough to vote, I have voted in every election that I could vote in, except for just one election when I was hospitalized, but that is another story for another day.
The difference between me and my mother is that she would always vote Democrat, and I have and will always vote for the candidate that I like the most.
What do I mean by "like the most"? The answer to that is usually the candidate who looks the best.
Yes, just looks the best.
I will even vote for a man over a woman if he has sex appeal.
Oh, I know this is not the way we are supposed to evaluate political candidates.
I know that we are supposed to examine what a politician stands for and what he will do for his constituents, but let's face it, aren't they all alike anyway? When was the last time a politician didn't spend too much? When was the last time a politician kept any of the promises he made? Our politicians promise the world and never deliver on those promises.
They usually just do whatever is in their own best interest.
They usually do whatever it takes to preserve their own place in government.
All of them seem to be cut from the same cloth whether they are Democrat or Republican.
Now, let's compare my method of evaluation with that of my mother.
My mom passed away 7 years ago so she clearly is not voting any more.
When she was alive, she always voted Democrat.
In fact, for her, voting was easy.
She just went into the voting booth, and chose the Democrat.
She never had to bother with reading about a candidate's opinions or ideals.
Clearly this saved her time.
Did it make any real difference to her and her family? Probably not.
I don't believe there was ever any benefit when the Democrat won.
Nor was there any detriment when the Republican won.
So what difference does it make if I vote the same way she does, except that my evaluation is based solely on looks? Politicians are not changing the USA for the better.
Politicians are narcissists who have put themselves up for the biggest popularity contest there ever has been, public elections.
They are in it for their own vanity.
Why not just vote for the one who is the most handsome? At least then when I see the politician I voted for on TV, I can think how nice it is to see his face.

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