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Type 2 Diabetes & Risk Factors

    Weight and Inactivity

    • People who are overweight and do not exercise have the highest risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The Mayo Clinic reports that the more fatty tissue a person has, the more likely they are to become a Type 2 diabetic.


    • People with a parent or sibling who developed Type 2 diabetes have a greater risk for developing the disease as well.


    • The American Diabetes Association reports that Type 2 diabetes is most prevalent in Native Americans, Hispanics and Latinos, Asians, and African Americans.


    • Type 2 diabetes usually develops in people over the age of 45, but an increase in childhood obesity has led to the disease developing earlier in certain people.

    Pregnancy Complications

    • Some women develop a temporary form of diabetes during pregnancy known as gestational diabetes. Later in life, these women have a higher risk for type 2 diabetes, as do women who give birth to babies that weigh more than 9 lbs.

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