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Guide To Take Care Of Before Using Metropolis Flat Iron

If you are ready to try out funky hairstyles with a Metropolis flat iron, you cannot skip the process of preparing your hair first. Preparing the hair for the process of hair styling is the most important and unavoidable step to be followed without fail. If your hair is not prepared for the process, it cannot withstand the heat of the device. The process of hair preparation starts with rinsing your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing the hair regularly with a good moisture rich shampoo and conditioner is required to clean off dirt and oil build ups from your hair. The clean hair offers better results. The absorption of moisture of the leave in conditioner will help in maintaining the hair hydrated and it provides your hair with the capability of withstanding the heat of the iron. Over dried hair can easily fall off, so proper hydration is essential for the health of the hair. With regular conditioning, you can convert your hair into shining and smooth locks.
If you wish to add shine to your hair after styling, you should add a small amount of silicone serum. It will also keep your hair straightened for longer time. Detangling of hair is also important while using a hair iron to avoid the pulling of the hair. You can also try out detangling products that will help in keeping your hair in its best conditioner after styling. Using a hair straightener with care, limiting the frequent use is also essential for the health of your hair. Even though Metropolis flat irons come with so many good safety features, frequent exposure of heat can make your hair dry and brittle. So, reduce the use of a flat iron by maintaining a gap of one week. You can protect your hair from the heat by using any good heat protective product that can offer a coating for your hair.

You should always use a hot tool gently on your hair without harming your scalp. Keep a distance of about 15 cm away when using the Metropolis flat iron. You should always apply the iron on small sections of your hair only.

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