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Anti Wrinkle Cream - Are They Any Good?

It's important to know that there's no need to let wrinkles take over your life.
While it's inevitable that time will eventually start to overwhelm our bodies at some point: There are many anti wrinkle cream formulas on the market -- both preventative and corrective that will help keep wrinkles to a minimum.
What to look for in a quality wrinkle cream: * Most quality wrinkle cream formulations will include antioxidants to neutralize wrinkle-inducing free radicals on your skin.
Free radicals cause premature break down of skin cells -- which then lead to wrinkles.
* Coenzyme Q10 is another important ingredient to look for: This ingredient increases blood flow to your skin, to maintain healthy oxygen levels in your skin.
* Almost all wrinkle preventing products will have Retinol A, which is derived from vitamin A.
This ingredient also helps to invigorate skin with much need oxygen.
Other ingredients: Tea extracts are a great addition to any anti wrinkle cream formula: Black and green tea extracts keep the surface of your skin looking fresh and healthy.
Don't be swept away by creams and lotions that have a long list of vitamins on their ingredient list.
Vitamin A and D are the only vitamins that provide benefit to your skin when applied externally.
The early bird gets the worm...
While it's never to late to incorporate a quality preventative wrinkle cream into your beauty repertoire; the earlier you start, the more your skin will thank you for it.
Stopping skin cell damage in it's tracks is the best thing you can do for your skin.
We all take aging for granted, until we're faced with our aging features suddenly one day, when we look in the mirror and can't deny it.
Make use of a good anti-wrinkle cream before you go to bed at night for best results.

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