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"Save Game" Cheats for Zelda on the Wii

    Codejunkies Save Games

    • Code Junkies provides several save games for Twilight Princess, both official saves provided by Codejunkies and unofficial saves posted by community members. Of the official saves, one of them provides you with all of the game's swords, shields, and maximum health and rupees and a large wallet, making you tough to kill and allowing you to buy anything you don't already own. A second, more scaled down save game, which you may prefer if you enjoy finding new items and don't want to start out with the best, simply gives you maximum health, a large wallet and 1000 rupees.

      Unofficial save games are also available for the Wii ports of older Legend of Zelda games, including Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Community save games are available for all of the games listed above that provide 100 percent completion, unlock all items or at least bring you to the final boss fight. However, a save game for Zelda II also allows you start the game with your attack, life and magic attributes at level eight.

      In order to take advantage of Codejunkies save games, you will need a Powersaves 512MB for the Wii. This device comes with a program you can install to you PC called MAX Media Manager PRO PC application. From this program, you can browse for save games to download and transfer to your Wii.

    GameShark Save Game

    • GameShark also provides a save game cheat for Twilight Princess and, in order to take advantage of this cheat, you will need a GameShark GameSaves and Media Manager for the Nintendo Wii. GameShark's save game will allow you to start your game with all items and shields and with all levels unlocked. A link to this save game can be found in the resources section.

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