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Infant life jacket

You are looking at the warm weather and thinking how good it will be to go somewhere where you can refresh yourselves. But everything is different now because you've got a little baby to take care of and going to the beach or leak it doesn't seem so easy anymore.

Packing all of your things for the beach isn't over when you put your swim wear into the bag. Now you must think about safety because you are taking an infant along. They alone can't fight the water so it's up to you to provide them to enjoy the trip also. Solution to all of your problems is very easy. Have you heard about infant life jacket?

When children fall into the water their reaction is panic and they start to move their arms and legs very violently. So we can conclude that when it comes to your infant's safety, there is no room for error. If you are going to the beach, on the boat or just on a swimming pool in your backyard, a proper jacket is necessity.

Here are some tips you should consider when buying an infant life jacket:

- Make some researches online to find what kinds exist when it comes to children. There are five basic types of life jackets but to us type I, II and III are important. The categories go something like this: infant life jackets go from 15-30 lbs, toddler category is from 30-50 lbs, and there is youth category that goes from 50-90 lbs.

- It is very important to know how much your baby weighs at the moment you are getting a life jacket. The size of the jacket can be crucial for your baby safety. If the size it's too big your baby could just slip out. On the other side, if the jacket is too small it can be very uncomfortable, but what is more important it may not keep our child afloat.

- Look for safety features. It is important that the jacket you are buying have an oversized float collar which keep the infant's head out of the water and also provide them to have secured resting when tired. When you put the jacket on your baby you are expecting that he stays on the baby so pay attention that the jacket also have a crotch strap. There is one more thing important to be on a jacket and that is a grab loop on the back. With that you can easily reach for your child if he falls into the water.

- Read the labels inside the jacket. There should be an approval from a Coast Guard. If there is no approval on the jacket you are holding in your hands than that means that it may not be as safe as you desire.

- When you come home with a life jacket test it first and make sure that it fits properly. To check that you have the right size lift the baby up by the shoulders of the life jacket. If your baby's chin and ears do not slip through you will now you have a correct fit. Also check the buckle on the jacket to be sure it works.

- Color is very important when buying an infant life jacket. High visibility of it provides you to know in every moment where your child is. The most common colors are orange and yellow. But if you are a child that can be pretty boring to wear, especially during the hot summer days, unless you have your favorite cartoon characters and designs on your life jacket. Luckily, today everything is possible and accessible.

Now that you know what are the things to think about when buying an infant life jacket, it's important to take time to make sure that the jacket will keep your baby 100 percent safe. As we said there are many styles of jacket for children, so look for one that will support your child's head while floating in the water. Now it is only left to say: enjoy your vacation!

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