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The Many Uses of Foam Floor Mats

Instead of asking, what are foam floor mats used for, possibly a better question would be what are foam floor mats not used for? There are many uses for foam floor mats: protection, comfort, education, fun, and creativity.
Maybe this is a little more than what you were expecting, but let me explain.
To start with many foam floor mats are made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam.
This is a strong nontoxic foam.
Many foam mats come as interlocking tiles.
They are usually about a half an inch thick, and they come in different sizes.
A couple of common tile sizes are 1×1 (1 square foot) or 2×2 (4 square feet).
One company "SoftTiles" charges $1.
45 per 1×1 tile and $5.
80 per 2×2 tile.
This particular company also advertises that its foam mats are water proof.
With these foam floor mat characteristics in mind, let's discuss what they can be used for.
One use for these mats is protection.
Many persons use these mats to cover the entire floor,or a large area of a room, to protect their children from hurting them selves while they are playing.
Some day-cares use these mats on nearly every floor of their facility for the same purpose.
These floor mats are also commonly used in businesses where there employees are standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time.
In this kind of situation the foam mats serves as a protection against leg and back fatigue.
Foam mats can be used to protect a finished concrete or tile floor from heavy equipment that is sitting on it, or from heavy objects being dropped on the floor.
A workout room is one example of this.
Another use for foam mats is to create a softer more comfortable work or living area.
These floor mats come in many different designs, thicknesses, and colors.
"SoftTiles" makes their tiles 5/8 of an inch thick, which gives a little extra cushion.
They make one design of such mat that looks like finished hard wood.
The price for each of these wood finished 2×2 foam mates is $9.
They also provide 2 foot sloped boarder pieces to dress up the edge of the mats.
The sloped edge helps to ensure that no one trips.
These boarders are $2.
75 each.
These mats can also be used to help you little ones learn their numbers and letters.
Some companies like "SoftTiles" offer tiles with letters and numbers on them.
Your children can also create patterns with colored tiles, you too may find that these tiles fill a creative need in you.
One decorative flower pattern mat that "SoftTiles" offers comes in multiple colors.
For a set of six 2×2 flower pattern tiles they charge $45.
Now that you know a little more about how such mats can be used maybe you are thinking of where you could use some.
As you shop around you will find there are many options to choose from.

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