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Exercise Do"s and Don"ts

Your workouts will be more efficient, more enjoyable and safer if you follow a few tips.
Here are some do's and don'ts for a successful exercise program.
DO start off slowly.
Increase intensity over a period of time so you don't overdo it which can result in injuries and frustration.
Even if you are physically fit from doing one sport, start slowly when doing something new since different muscles are used.
DON'T over exercise.
Let your muscles rest for at least two days before using the same muscles again in a strenuous exercise.
Alternate your workouts between hard and easy to give muscles a break.
Rest in the form of easy days and days off is important to rebuild muscles and help prevent injuries.
DO warm up and cool down.
Warm up muscles by doing a low intensity exercise like walking.
This will get the heart pumping and the muscles warm and ready for the exercise.
Cooling down is important to help the muscles recover from a stressful workout and bring your heart rate back to normal.
DON'T work through an injury.
If you feel any pain, STOP immediately.
Soreness while exercising may mean problems later.
Stop and reassess whether you are doing the exercise correctly.
Maybe it is not a good exercise for you.
DO stretch.
Always warm up muscles before stretching.
Stretching is not warming up.
Learn how to stretch properly.
Stretches done improperly can put stress on the body.
DO learn the proper technique for whatever sport or exercise you are doing.
Time can be wasted and injuries result from exercising without using proper form and technique.
Get the most from your workout by learning how to do the exercises correctly.
DON'T get bored.
Keep your workouts interesting by learning new exercises and trying different things.
A variety of exercises will add up to better overall fitness.
DO drink lots of water.
Keep your body hydrated during exercise.
When exercising strenuously, try to drink four to eight ounces every half hour to hour and avoid caffeine and alcohol while exercising which tend to dehydrate the body.
DO watch what you eat.
Make sure you are getting a well rounded diet with an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat to keep the body nourished properly.
Avoid fad diets.
DO have fun!It's easy to find excuses for not exercising if you aren't having fun.
Finding a workout you enjoy will help you stick with it so you see results.
Stick with these tips and you'll actually enjoy exercise, stick with it and be in great shape!

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