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How to Install a Sewer Drain Line in a House

Things You'll Need



Clean the inside of an ABS fitting with a lint-free cloth. Use a fresh lint-free cloth to clean the outside of the pipe around the area where the fitting will be attached.

Unscrew a can of ABS glue and detach the brush on the cap’s underside. Use the brush to apply a thick coat of glue around the fitting’s interior side, along with the outside of the main sewer drain pipe where the fitting will attach. Slide the ABS fitting over the pipe. Turn the fitting in a clockwise direction for one quarter of the turn. Let the glue harden for 10 minutes.

Measure the run, or length of pipe to be attached to the main sewer pipe. Place a dry coupling at one end of the pipe. Position the opposite end of pipe into the coupling you previously installed over the main sewer pipe and hold it temporarily in place. Mark the pipe’s position on the wall sheathing, studs or any other nearby framing members. Place one end of a tape measure on the rim of the previously installed fitting, and extend the tape to the marked position of the pipe. You will use this measurement to determine the length to cut your first pipe, after you deduct the ends of the pipe that will be inserted into the fittings. Check the outside of the ABS fittings, which have marks that show the proper position of the pipe after it has been inserted. Add the marks displayed on the fittings to your pipe length.

Mark the pipe to the necessary length and cut it with a chop saw. Rub the edge of the pipe with an emery cloth to remove any sediment or burrs.

Attach the pipes and fitting, before applying glue, to check for the proper position and fit. Hold a level on your pipe to check the slope. Local code requirements usually require a slope of ¼ inch per foot. Remove the dry coupling and pipe. Apply ABS glue to the other end of the previously inserted coupling on the main sewer pipe. Apply glue to the end of the freshly cut length of pipe and insert the pipe. Let the glue dry for 30 minutes. Repeat this technique to attach additional lengths of pipe to form the new sewer drain line. Apply plumber’s tape around the lines.

If it's necessary to run the sewer drain line through any framing members, mark the area where the sewer line will run. Drill through the wood member with a hole saw to form an opening for the sewer line.

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